Who am I?

My name is Steven, a native Chinese guy and a Master’s degree in MSc Finance&IT from Keele University. I had been struggling with what I was supposed to do after graduation for long until I got in touch with Internet Marketing and SEO things in 2007.

Then, I quickly realized how powerful the funnel of SEO marketing can fuel up business growth. Online presentation for almost all types of business is increasingly becoming more necessary than ever. I have been dedicating myself to SEO along with other digital marketing stuff since then, and never look back.

SEO is a spiral process of learning and practicing. You might fail many projects in order to testify a specific strategy and method. Obviously, a successful SEOer should carry the following tags of consistency, hard work, patience, and dedication.

How I Start SEO?

I started my SEO journey by optimizing local clients’ websites. I took a small monthly charge and working desperate hard on the SEO campaigns.

The first website I managed is an eCommerce store selling printer cartridge. I managed to push a few keywords on the top and generated a few thousands of dollars profit in the first a few months.

Just like many SEO newbies nowadays,  I felt I already mastered the key to crack down the SEO myth. I then switched my focus to many offline things once I ranked keywords top. Due to the lack of maintenance on clients’ campaigns, keywords ranking started to drop, and the Google algorithm update also gave the big hit. I lost the local connection finally.

Although start with the failure, I still managed to learn a lot of ins and outs of SEO. These experiences help me lock down a full-time office job.

Keele University, UK

HitSurger Comes Online

I had been working as a full-time office Internet marketer for a few years, until late 2017. I can’t say how impressive these 9-5 jobs, but I accept the act that you might always have to go through some tough in your life.

I left my last company in Dec of 2017. Start thinking about the next movement in my career. I have been doing Internet marketing for almost ten years by now. I already have worked and practiced many projects, from website design, e-commerce store design, keywords research, and offsite links building. Out of these, the overall success is widely varied, from a few thousand dollars monthly earning to totally abandon in the middle, lost all invest.

Although it is a long process of trial and tries. I am still happy to get to know many great guys in this circle. These sources and tools I accumulated are powerful enough to run a successful marketing campaign, from keywords research and group to links outreach. Therefore, HitSurger comes up online to share and educate my experience, skills, and resources.

What I already learned by NOW:

  • Set up your career goal as early as possible, then working hard consistently on it;
  • The environment and people you work with are more important than the money;
  • Success never comes easy, and you should work hard until you figure out what works best for you;
  • How quick you achieve success largely depends on the speed of implementation and the ability to take action;
  • Outsource as much as you can, but before that, you should be master of every piece;
  • Finally, you haven’t got success, simply because you haven’t done enough, that’s it!!
  • In 2018, I started the journey of HitSurger, where I share my sources, technique, and experience to boost your online recognition by SEO and marketing campaigns. Your success would be established simply on my long years’ trial and trying experience.
Success is just like pregnancy. They congratulate you, but they never know how many times you get FXXXXX!!