Why Most of People Fail on Internet Marketing 2024?

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I have been doing Internet marketing for many years. I can’t label myself a true winner, but I really have experienced many failed curves along with some success during my 10 years play on IM and SEO.

Sometimes, when I recall my past years’ working experience, my biggest regret is there was no one mentoring and coaching me to avoid those stupid mistakes I made.

18 Mistakes to Avoid on Internet Marketing and SEO

Today, I read some nice points from a forum that someone shared his 2 cents of why most people fail on Internet Marketing. To combine with my own experience, I am going to list my own version as the following.

If you are just a newbie or even done many years on IM and SEO, but haven’t made a big breakthrough, then drop down to these points and chew slowly.

  1. Many beginners want quick money, so they focus on churn and burn methods. Those methods are for the short term, so they also fade away quickly.
  2. You never take Internet Marketing as a serious business. Just haven’t dedicated yourself to the full strength, but waiting for miracles. Are you a f*king genius?
  3. Fear to lose money. SEO and Internet marketing are money games these days, so if you invest 0, you can’t move forward.
  4. SEO requires patience nowadays, so if you want quick money, find another 9-5.
  5. You just write too many useless articles and no clue what keywords and topics you should focus on first.
  6. You shoot too many spammy links to your money sites, which means you have no idea of the proper link building strategy.
  7. Trying to save as much as you can on copywriting. Those non-native English articles won’t deliver you any shit.
  8. Success belongs to the minority because they don’t follow the crowd. Be creative is also the key to SEO.
  9. They just focus too much on a fancy design. Those colorful fancy graphics won’t contribute much to conversion. Trust me.
  10. English is poor, and have no idea how to properly chat with people from different culture background.
  11. Their WordPress dashboard is full of shitty plugins.
  12. They can’t manage to make good friends on the Internet, as they always receive but not give.
  13. Too many offline fairs distract your online concentration.
  14. You are too lazy to put enough time on your business, but addictive with online games and porn.
  15. You should test at least 2 – 3 projects each year, as the possibility of success is much higher.
  16. You spend all of earning instead of investing. You won’t go very far.
  17. Online marketing does not mean separate from offline. Just bear this mind that all come from the real world.
  18. If you have a good idea, just take action to test it asap. Postpone is the big enemy to any success.

That is all I have in my mind that I think is worth sharing in public. If you have fallen into one or two of these, just no need worry, but make a good plan and correct your weak points, your success would be coming closer to you.

I wish all you guys best luck!

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